Thursday, 21 June 2012

League of Legends

 Ashe - The Frost Archer

 Akali - The Fist of Shadow

 Amumu - The Sad Mummy

 Annie - The Dark Child
Wangwang - NA - Katarina
 Joyproject - NA - Evelynn
 Mantisnk - EU - Encounter
 Caitlyn - The Sheriff of Piltover

 Cassiopeia - The Serpent’s Embrace

 Evelynn - The Widowmaker

 Ezreal - The Prodigal Explorer

 Garen - The Might of Demacia
 Fiddlesticks - The Harbinger of Doom

 Irelia - The Will of the Blades
 Janna - The Storm's Fury

 Katarina - The Sinister Blade

 Karthus - The Deathsinger

 Karma - The Enlightened One

 Kayle - The Judicator

 LeBlanc - The Deceiver
 Lee Sin - The Blind Monk
 Lux - the Lady of Luminosity

 Malzahar - The Prophet of the Void

 Nocturne- The Eternal Nightmare
Miss Fortune - the Bounty Hunter

 Morgana - The Fallen Angel

 Nidalee - The Bestial Huntress
 Orianna- The Lady of Clockwork

 Poppy - The Iron Ambassador

 Sivir - The Battle Mistress

 Sona - the Maven of the Strings

Soraka - The Starchild

Vladimir - The Crimson Reaper

Tristana - The Megling Gunner


Vayne- The Night Hunter

Twisted Fate - The Card Master

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